Essential Hadith Resource for Non-Arab Muslims

The most important hadith are now within the reach of non-Arab Muslims, students and researchers.

This is Sakhr's award-winning collection of 1700 mutually agreed hadith of Muslim and Al-Bukhari. An important resource especially for non-native users of Arabic, for whom the Hadith Encyclopedia's Arabic text is a challenge.

Al-Bayan offers translations of the 1700 hadith into English, French, German, Turkish, Malaysian, and Indonesian. User interfaces in those languages make the program extremely easy to use.

Best of all, Al-Bayan incorporates Sakhr's powerful search engines, enabling users of the program to locate in an instant any hadith according to a word, phrase, word root, or topic. The search facility is indispensable for students, researchers, preachers, or anyone else wanting quick access to the sayings and actions of the Prophet (pbuh) at anytime or any place.


  • Display/Text: Arabic, English, Malay, Indonesian, Turkish, French, German.
  • Interface: Arabic, English, Malay, Indonesian, Turkish, French, German.
  • IBM-PC compatible.
  • VGA.
  • CDROM.
  • 11mb RAM.
  • 25mb hard disk storage.
  • Soundblaster 16 or equivalent.
  • Arabic or Latin Windows 95 & Up.