Detailed Satellite photos of any spot on the globe... find your backyard!
Some people will believe anything, and this site is proof. All your favorite urban legends debunked.
Think you know yourself? Take these Psych-tests to reveal the true you!
Cool site with Free biorhythm readings by e-mail. Know when you'll be VULNERABLE or STRONG.
Snoop for the dirt on your enemies, neighbors, boss, etc... a clandestine Mega-Center.
The UFO Black Vault - "The largest databases of United States government documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon."
FREE Computer Games, Samples, Demos, Freebies galore
See if your stuff is Year 2000 compliant. What will break?
Search classified ads to find a job anywhere in the US
Atlas of the world - complete, from military sourcecs.
Search for the cheapest airfares to anywhere in the world.
Free clip art and CLASSIC MOVIES on the web
Fly a real Russian MiG fighter at 75,000 feet at Mach 3!
Wear your computer on your body! Speak to it, no more typing. View the screen thru an eyepiece. Surf the web while shopping, driving, etc.
Ancient Chinese love secrets., find a free PC or Mac program to do anything!
Research-It, amazing all-in-one information source.
Download cool photos direct from the Hubble Space Telescope!
Amazing instant stats in any sport, any player.
Satellite pictures of the US.
Free real-time stock market quotes (NO 15-minute delay)
Tips, Secrets, Behind-the-scene tricks on A.O.L.
MORE Free real-time quotes, plus lots of research data
US Legal Code - law reference desk at your fingertips
Internet Reference desk - find out anything about anything!
Free car research info - find out what the DEALER pays and get the best deal on a new car!
Yes, Virginia, there is a Banana Museum. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.
FREE Bottle of strong FAT Reducing FiberLean
Get your Photos scanned for sending to others via email.
Abandoned Missile Base Silo Tour - your chance to explore the cavernous depths of these wasted remnants of the Cold War, through the miracle of Virtual Reality.
The Gravity Society has a pending patent on anti-gravity technology, and this site has a handful of scientific papers regarding experiments and findings.
"Scientific Frontiers" - hundreds of online articles on strange natural (and unnatural) phenomena.
The Fortean Times is the "Newsweek" of strange science.
Don't know exactly how to put these mean, ugly thoughts into writing? Try this automatic complaint letter generator.
Home of the "Eternal Life Device" - make one yourself from the plans on this site, or just read about his teleportation device. It's so simple!
Bus Plunge news site. Not for those with fear of falling.
Listen to live Police Scanner and Fire reports.
Are your real teeth not quite rotten enough for you? Order a set of these disgusting choppers and let the fun begin!
You'll (probably) never lose your contacts again, if you get them from this place. Especially if you ordered the mirrored or striped ones.
The Museum of Bad Art features bad art. Really bad art.
Crop Circles explained! These guys make 'em, you can see 'em.
If guys with big, fat beer guts are your special fantasy, than you'll love this site.
Description, stills and downloadable video files of the famous "exploding whale".
Center for Chihuahua Exploitation. Don't miss the NASA photos of Chihuahuas approaching 500 mph in top-secret wind-tunnel experiments.
Plan your next vacation from this list of funny or unusual roadside attractions.
Secretly spy on anyone over the internet!
This "periscope" peers at UFOs, Bigfoot, Shroud of Turin and the like. The truth is out there!
Silicon Investor - great discussion of high-tech stocks
Art cars! Decorate your auto for fun or profit!
Database of Bed and Breakfast Inns - plan your next weekend trip
Free biorhythm readings by e-mail. Know MORE about yourself.
Ken Starr's report to Congress complete in a PDF file (searchable, printable, etc.). If you don't have a PDF reader (most computers do), get it free at
Listen to 100's of Radio stations around the world LIVE, or watch dozens of TV stations, all on the internet, all LIVE... don't miss NASA-TV!


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