Arabic / English Typing Tutor

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Finally A Fun and Easy Typing Tutor 

Arabic-English Typing Tutor and keyboard

Standard keyboard Layout. On Screen "word Per Minute" Counter.
Specially Designed Tutorial Lessons.

Improves your typing speed through an interesting game.
Specially designed for Arabic / English PC users.
Contains specially designed lessons that teaches how to speed your typing.
keyboard layout.
Specially designed standard lessons.
Prepare your own lessons and use them for practice.
Program simplicity and usability are the key to fast learning.
keyboard display. A pause button to "crack your knuckles"
On-screen Timer calculating typing speed in Words Per Minute (WPM).
IBM compatible PC with Windows. Uses 3 MB of Hard Disk space.

Requires Arabic Microsoft Windows

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Arabic / English Keyboard

PS/2 Arabic / English Keyboard
Only $ 43.95

No adapters needed 
Arabic windows keyboard

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Arabic-English Typing Tutor